Major Projects

Project 1 - Physical modeling and dynamics of tumor cell migration mechanics

Led By Dave Odde

Aim 1: Stratify low-passage Glioblastoma and Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma patient-derived cancer cells using CMS1.0. We will parameterize the CMS1.0 using a collection of low-passage, patient-derived GBM and PDA cells migrating on compliant 2D surfaces of varying extracellular matrix composition.

Aim 2: Mechanically parameterize tumor-associated immune cells in GBM and PDA.

Aim 3: Elucidate the intracellular mechanism of novel genetic drivers in Medulloblastoma (MB) and PDA via a model-driven reverse genetics approach.

Download V 1.0 of the Cell Migration Simulator here

Project 2 - Cell Migration in Mechanically Complex Environments

Led By Paolo Provenzano

Aim 1: Dissect the relative influence of contact guidance and durotaxis in complex 3D microenvironments during disease progression.

Aim 2: Expand the scope of the cell migration simulator by incorporating tissue architecture and mechanics.

Aim 3: Test the hypothesis that physical cues in the cellular microenvironment drive communication between tumor cell populations and regulate immune cell infiltration and function.

Pilot Projects

Measuring Altered Tensions at a Molecular Level During Disease Pathogenesis

Led By Wendy Gordon

Tumor on a Chip: 3D Printed Heterogeneous Tumor Platform for Cancer Cell Migration

Led By Michael McAlpine, Jaime Modiano, Jong Kim, and Daeha Joung

Fluorescence Lifetime Biosensors for Imaging Abl, Syk, and Src family Kinase Activity in Integrin Signaling

Led By Laurie Parker

An in vitro Model to Elucidate the Role of Macrophages in Metastasis

Led By Dave Wood and Kaylee Schwertfeger

Transnetwork Projects

Drug Distribution and Response to Cytoskeletal Targeting Agents in GBM

Led By Dave Odde, Steve Rosenfeld, Jann Sarkaria, and Forest White

Enhancing Migration Potential of Dendritic Cells Through Modulation of Gene Expression

Led By Dave Largaespada, Dave Odde, and Haifa Shen