• PSOC


To catalyze and nucleate engineering-based oncology research to gain new insight into the physical mechanisms of cancer and speed the development of new diagnostics and therapeutic strategies that improve patient outcomes.


To launch, through successful conduct of the PSOC grant, an engineering-based oncology research center that brings together diverse disciplines engaged in a common research enterprise - unraveling the cellular and molecular mechanisms of cancer and designing new clinical tools that improve patient outcomes. Funded through federal research programs, philanthropy, and UMN support, the Center will foster groundbreaking research and incubate commercialization of new devices, diagnostics, and therapies that flow from Center supported discoveries. The Center will intentionally foster the development of a positive, collaborative, and innovative culture.


David Odde

David Odde, Ph.D.

Engineering/Physical Science
Principal Investigator & Project 1 Lead

David Largaespada, Ph.D

Cancer Biology & Genetics
Principal Investigator & Core 2 Lead

Steve Rosenfeld, M.D., Ph.D.

Oncology and Molecular Biophysics
Principal Investigator

Paolo Provenzano, Ph.D.

Cancer Bioengineering
Project 2 Lead
Dave Wood

David Wood, Ph.D.

Living Microdevices
Core 1 Lead
Pat Alford

Patrick Alford, Ph.D.

Cell & Tissue Biomechanics
Core 1 Lead